How To Control Pet Hair In Your Home


In one hand our cats and dogs give us so much joy and pleasure. But on the other hand, they tend to leave a lot of mess around. Besides leaving muddy paw prints all over, they shed off quite a lot of their hair around. Most people run tight schedules so embracing clever ways to reduce the hair and fur pets leave around the house make a lot of sense.

Ways of controlling pet hair in your home

Frequent cleaningvacuum cleaning

A quick touchup or vacuuming is the easiest way to reduce pet hair in the house. It’s better than a long-drawn cleaning session once in a blue moon to clear a mound of pet hair. Besides, it’s less time consuming.

Regular grooming

As an act of love, kindly do not wait until the pet is in distress before you act. Plan to groom your cat or dog consistently at reasonable intervals. This will significantly cut down on the volume of stray hair they shed off all over the house. Consistency in grooming can also save on excess mopping and sweep. Giving your pet a bath can help with preventing their hair from falling all over the house. Also, always groom your pet outside the house or in a given area of the house. This will prevent a considerable reduction in pet’s hair in the house.

Invest in washable slipcovers for furniture

Of course, nobody would want to sit on a sofa or a carpet covered in pet hair. Buy a few furniture covers designed specifically for this purpose. Routinely toss them in the laundry and replace with the clean ones. Remove the seat covers when you have visitors, and all would be shocked how your seats are spotlessly clean and free of pet hair.

Pet’s cleaning tools and accessories

Other than the most commonly known and used lint rollers, invest in other pet cleaning items like special vacuum cleaners specifically designed for pets. These two equipment are worth investing in because they make life much easier when it comes to cleaning them. Additionally, they help keep the home free of pet hair.

Rugs and floors and carpets

Strategically placea dog on the floor rugs in the house and carpet on the floor so as to gather the lion’s share of the pet fur. This will help prevent the fur from spreading throughout the entire house. Maybe, place one at each doorway. This will help catch the dirt, dust as well as debris the pet brings in the house on its fur and feet.

Pet hair can be very messy if care is not taken. Your carpets and sofas may look awful with pet hair all over. Take into consideration these tips tip rid pet hair at home.

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