Primary Responsibilities Of A Buyers Agent

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When hiring a buyer’s agent, you will need to know the kind of services to expect. Of course, the general expectation is that the buyer’s agent will help you get the right property at the right price. The buyer’s agent engages in many activities before settling on a property for a buyer. We will highlight the primary duties that lead a buyer’s agent to get the right property for the buyer.

Major functions of a buyer’s agent when purchasing a property

Strategizingpurchasing a property

The first responsibility of a buyer’s agent is to formulate a purchase strategy for the customer. A buyer usually comes with varied needs, desires, wants, and goals. It is from these varied needs that a buyer’s agent will strategize and formulate a “Buyer’s Brief”. Since the purchaser has no idea of where to search, the buyer’s agent will take the initiative of developing a strategy that will help in finding the most appropriate property for the buyer.

Research and shortlist

Another primary responsibility of a buyer’s agent is to research and shortlist property for the buyer. This shortlist will rely on the specifications given by the buyer. Therefore, a buyer’s agent must research extensively on all the available property fitting the description of the buyer. Again, it is the responsibility of the buyer to arrange for a suitable time that the buyer will inspect the list and settle on the most desirable property.


Once a buyer decides on the property, the buyer’s agent will complete an appraisal of ownership. Evaluation is an important responsibility since it will determine the real worth of the property. Therefore, the buyer’s agent will use real estate experience to give the market value of the property. It is important to choose an experienced buyer’s agent who will help you get the real market price of the property to avoid falling victim of inflated market prices.

Negotiate and secure

Another responsibility of a buyer’s agent is to negotiate and secure the property. Negotiation skills are important in a buyer’s agent since it helps them get the property at the lowest price possible. Again, this call for one to pick a leading buyer’s agent that will lead a successful negotiation with the seller to secure the property at a lowered price. You can save a lot of money for by using a reliable buyer’s agent to negotiate for you the price of property.

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